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Koper & Tin started his career in the early nineties after setting foot into a club for the first time. He had surrendered himself to the music and soon after completed a course in dj’ing. With loads of practice, a carefully constructed network and database of followers, gigs at house parties led to the main stage at clubs, where under the name of Bronski, Maarten performed all across Holland and even made guest appearances in France and Germany. In 2002 he had found that producing music was a breath of fresh air for his career and set to work, developing his skills in the studio.

In 2009 the doors swung wide open. He had revealed Koper & Tin with his remix of Michal Jackson’s Billie Jean. It was soon after the pop heroes death and the track was picked up and supported by many leading international dj’s. This kind of motivation was priceless for Koper & Tin and has inspired him to invest more into producing dance music. Varying from lounge music through to tech house, the sounds of Koper & Tin are in demand, a fact proven by his remix schedule. His tracks are released on different labels like: Southern Comfort, Triplfire Music and Push it records.



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Koper & Tin