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Billed as one of house music’s most exciting artists, Kid Lopez has seen his fair share of guest appearances at some of the world’s most prestigious nights, including Manumission, Cream, Miss moneypennys, Slinky, Ultra Vegas & Soulsugar, and The coming few months are set to see His unique and innovative style take the music Industry by storm.

2004 saw an 8-gig tour of India, a hugely successful debut trip to Miami, multiple European dates and new residencies for Midlands-based promotions, Soulsugar and Cyberkitten. All this and numerous guest spots all over the UK have meant a hectic schedule for this Lover of all things funky.

In the studio, things are going from strength to strength, and his huge track “I can’t take no more” was the first single from his own RED RECORDINGS label. Let loose on the public in May 2005, this is the first of many planned releases on RED.

Lopez has also signed his two chunky housers “Good Times” (Top 20 Mixmag Dec 04) and “The Look” to the exciting UK-based Wallop label. “Good Times” is due for release in March 2005, whilst “The Look” will be hitting the streets sometime in May 2005. With both tracks gaining huge support from all the major players off CDR, the buzz is already massive on these two, and all that’s before his cheeky house number “High” is released on Red In July 2005.

Under his tech-house DIGITAL PUNKS moniker, his superb track “Life” has also been Signed to Connect, and release is scheduled for March 2005. Under yet another guise of “AUDIO DELUXE”, his remix of the 1979 Change classic “Angel (in my pocket)” has been taken by SUSU records for a Summer 2005 release, with earmarking for licensing to a future Hed Kandi album.

New projects are well underway, with his trademark sound of dirty basslines, chugging Tribal beats and dubby vocals being used to take the musical connoisseur to another level.

His remixing talents have also been in huge demand recently, and he is currently working on various projects for labels such as Defected, Global, Player and Harlem here in the UK, whilst US-based labels Funktion and Groove On are also commissioning mixes.

His recently completed remixes of The Trophy Twins’ tracks “Anarchism” and “Ill Experience” have gone down a storm, and are set to be two of the years most eagerly anticipated releases. His mix of Soul Avengerz “100%” has already hit the Buzz charts at number 2, and the forthcoming single “Been Robbed” has just come off the press.

His unique and innovative DJing style is a truly mind-blowing experience, with his fusion of chunky vocal house, tribal-esque beats and tech-funk grooves, all mixed seamlessly and with true showmanship – this is one show that you dare not miss. All this, and a fun, crazy character to match, Kid Lopez is fast becoming one of the industry’s freshest and most exciting talents.



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Kid Lopez