Juan Laforga




Location: Valladolid, Spain Spain
Genre: Electro House


Language: English

Their beginnings go back at the end of the 70’ s puncturing in the Charlot room, in those moments DISC MUSIC reigned. In 1981, with 16 years, it participates in the Third Aid of Professional DJ ?the Cabin? being between the five first. Along with the Techno explosion of the 80 principles of’ s, is member of group S.U.D. Music industrialist, settled down in a group of local groups, the Standard Oil. The direction of this one produced recopilatorio in which two subjects of S.U.D were included. (Kaos and the Shade of Devil). A program of T.V of musical character, ?We ourself? directed by Takings White, it emits the presentation of the direct one of S.U.D.

In 1983, alternating with the S.U.D performances., it punctures in the new room implied Face directly with the Techno movement. In 1985 with the dissolution of the group, a new one begins stage in a new room, Paco Suarez, settled down in the Black Music in general (rap, Soul, Funk).

In 1986 it inaugurates his own room ?Scandalazos?, first to after of the city, place where bet by the new movement that began to reign in the tracks, the House. It publishes his first ?RITUAL? disc in 1989, remezclas minimalistas of Win Mertens and Caf Pinguin Orchestra. In 1991 Frequency creates its own seal ?666?, publishing its second disc

?RUBBER DOLL? in collaboration with a member of S.U.D (Mawey Zamora) and the exbajista of Roses in Black and white, Manolo Trujillo. This same year, directs the cabin of Macrodisco The Perindola in schedule to after hours.

Two years later it enters to puncture in the Roses room (Manchester Wave) and publishes his third disc ?COCHABAMBA STATION? (1993) in collaboration with Josua (Dj Stateroom) and JesusSalute (teclista)

In 1994 it creates the FUNDAMENTAL group with base in the room Stadio de Laguna of Duero (Valladolid) and promotes, with the appearance of the new sounds (Critical moment), the visits of Dj’ s of other residences sharing cabin in numerous occasions. In 1995, the group

face of Valladolid is transferred to the room. In 1996, FUNDAMENTAL one Reina makes debut in Bridge (Pamplona) with a new macro-room with weekly programming of direct celebrations and. As well, it participates in several celebrations by different rooms: Matraka and Factory (Vitoria), Guass and People (Bilbao) and Guass (Logroo). It publishes his fourth disc in this occasion in format MXCD ?SIRENS? (1997) in collaboration of Juan Carlos Martin (composer of the Privateering Theater). After a series of performances by the north, Splash, Saja and the Corral (Santander), Orbital and Berrys Jazz (Bilbao) publish his fifth disc ?ALI DRIBBLE? (1998) in collaboration with Juan Carlos Martin and his seal happens to be called ?TAGIMA


In 2000 and collaboration with the group of Political Hardcore PUAGH, it makes two remezclas of its ?Mentally ill? subjects ?Re-idiotizacin? and, chosen first of them like part of the sound track of the Spanish film ?Everything except the girl? of Jesus Delgado. One becomes cabin position dela room KU in 2001 with special sessions Sundays. It publishes ?OF ROOT? (2002) in compact format, a session in crescendo within a noticeable ethnic line. It has participated in several events within the Satixfaxion peninsula, Garlic Rock, Festival of the Dreams, Dimas and have punctured in several cities (Valencia, Madrid, Ibiza, etc.)

The 26 of December of 2003 the presentation in Subterfuge of the Inquiest project took place Moment formed by Alex Thru, Quique Navas, Montxo Go’mez and Juan Laforga and the collaboration special of twelve musicians of the vallisoletana and national scene, being this one the first long duration of this one formation.



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