Location: Paris, France France
Genre: House


Language: English / Français


Ignace KDS is one of the must have DJ from the French and German scene for over 20 years, but first of all a showman with one obsession : get the ladies to dance, dance, dance …

From its debut at “Le Palace” in Paris to the most private clubs in Dubai, St. Tropez, Moscow or St. Martin, this outstanding technician played on the side of the greatest DJs on the international scene (Eric Morillio, Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Bob Sinclar, …).

Resident DJ of Noh Club party in Dusseldorf (Nachtresidenz), but also Icon DJ in Paris of most prestigious clubs (Palace l’Enfer, Man Ray, Maison blanche, … ), he will be in 2012 the resident DJ of NOH European Tour, and will also perform in exclusive and big room clubs in his solo world tour. This year will also see the release of several tracks who reflct his Showmen strong energy


He began his career at 17 years old in the middle of the 80s with a sound his influenced by disco, soul & pop. He is gradually gaining ground as a must have DJ on the parisian clubbing scene, going from clubs to clubs before hosting a radio show on Radio Nova, and introducing in France the first sounds of Hip Hop and R&B.

At this same period, he takes control of club Antares followed in 1987 by a residency at the famous club « Le Palace », alongside pyramids party hosted by S-Express. Then came the “Folies Pigalle” between 1990 to 1992 alongside David Guetta, followed until 1994 by a come back to Palace with the parties « mauvais garçon » alongside Laurent Garnier. Followed by Niel’s club with a real selective crowd.


Excited about this new acid house and techno sounds coming in europe, he leaves Paris for Germany from 1996 to 2001. Ignace host parties at the Loft House in Frankfurt, at Trip house alongside Sven Väth at Checkers and alongside Kurd Mavrick at Nacht residentz in Dusseldorf. Resident DJ at Soh-Party and Noh-Party, he became the master of ceremony and ambassador in Pacha Majorca. His flawless technic and his DJ act with 3 or 4 turntables made his reputation of "wizard of turntables”.

His career took an international dimension with DJ act alongside Eric Morillio at KM25 in Ibiza who entrusted him with the Real2Real after-show tour in France and Northern Africa. He also acts alongside Carl Cox at D in Switzerland & Niel’s in New York. His music takes a streight turn to house, deep house and garage sounds.

He returned to France for three DJ tour for Max & Maximum (La villa rouge Monpellier, VIP Room and Nikky Beach at St. Tropez, 5ème Avenue & Via Notte Corsica, …). Setteling back in Paris in 2003, he acts at l’Enfer alongside Martin Solveig and Yass, at Man Ray as master of ceremonies for Cyril Peret parties “Don’t Tell My Booker”, and at Wagram for Sylvie Chateigner parties “Thanks God i’am a VIP” alongside DJ Gregory, DJ Deep and Bob Sinclar.

In 2004, he hosts for four years every Saturday, at the famous parisian restaurant “la Maison Blanche” the White Room party. He also represent this Venue in Cannes for the film festival and became a must have DJ for the Jetset, the fashion and music industry. Alongside Maison Blanche, he host fridays at Kong, the restaurant which became cult with the TV show "Sex in the City. 

At this time, he is entrusted for the birthday parties of Puff Daddy, Naomi Campbell, Blu Cantrell, Spike Lee, Prince, Gulnara Karimova, … . He also act at fashion shows and after parties for Valentino, Jean Claude Jitrois, Yves Saint Laurent. His music is tuned on house with an inch of the sounds of the moment (R&B, Electro, ..).

His international acts lead him to the world most selective Jet Set cities : The Boudoir in Dubai, The Jet Set in Moscow, the Blitz at St. Martin, the Papagayo and the Caves du Roy in St. Tropez, Le Nikky Beach, Pacha and the Theatro in Marrakech …) 


Still searching for new challanges, Ignace is heading towards music production and prepares the outcome of multiple tracks. Restless showmen, he will also perform on stage in exclusive clubs, and big rooms, especially within the Noh Club european tour (his party residency at nacht residenz in dusseldorf) ; but also in solo, in france and through the world : from marocco to dubai, the US to asia.



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