Location: Mexico, Mexico Mexico
Genre: Tech House, Techno


Language: English

Its trip begins to half-full of the 80, when being a boy it begins to accompany to his brothers in the movable celebrations where they were DjS;influenced by the generos that their Hunter brothers mixed began to practice for the first time in the year of 1994, thus managing in the 96 to be a Dj to so short age.

It was not until in the 2001 HUNTER BECAME one of the maximum exponents of the Hard national Techno in Mexico and its popularity increases in unstoppable geometric progression. Its polished musical speech, within that line, consolidates more and more, but always with vanguardistas and refined dyes that characterizes their personality. Its exquisite technique after plates does not leave nobody indifferent one.

Hunter has shared Seth with best the Djs of his pais among them Martin Parra, Ivan Mateluna and Ramiro Puente Luis Bart Montes, KuernaBeats, Sintoma,Acid kid,MK,Chilango Drums to mention some.



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