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Techno music is the sound of the future. At least, that’s how three influential Detroit producers saw it back in the 1980s. Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson envisioned a soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi world, with technology at its core. Influenced by groups like Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra, their homespun music took on a darker and more psychedelic tone. With a few drum machines and synths, they defined a genre that is now linked to Detroit, Berlin, and cities all over the world.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, East Berlin became a playground for artists and musicians, where abandoned buildings became the setting for huge parties. Techno music was perfect for this spiritual, yet apocalyptic vibe. Over the years, Berlin has become a new epicenter for techno, with a distinctly German sound that is dark and atmospheric. All of the best techno DJs eventually make a pilgrimage to play clubs like Berghain and Tresor, which are known for parties that last an entire weekend.

Today’s techno has also branched out into hybrid genres like tech house and techno trance. Tech house places techno sounds into a house framework, with dark basslines and brittle beats arranged in more soulful rhythms. Meanwhile, techno trance uses heavy percussion with uplifting trance melodies.

Although the techno scene isn’t as mainstream as today’s EDM world, legendary techno DJs like Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock, and Chris Liebling continue to push the genre’s boundaries and win over new fans. Here is the global DJ List for techno music.

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