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If you really want to dive into dance music, house might be the best place to start. Originally from Chicago, the disco-inspired sound spread quickly to Detroit, New York, and abroad. Legendary DJs like Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy created sanctuaries for the genre with their Warehouse and Music Box clubs. In fact, music played at the Warehouse became known as “house” music because of the club’s name. Grounded with 4/4 beats, rich basslines, and drum machine flourishes, house became harder to pin down as each city’s scene put their spin on the genre. However, all house music artists are linked by their insistent kick drum.

By the late 1980s, the house DJ had become mainstream, with artists like Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson using the upbeat style for their pop songs. Experiments with the TB-303 bass synth also led to the discovery of acid house — the squelching style that transformed rave culture. House continued to grow in the ’90s, evolving into even more subgenres like progressive house, deep house, and tech house.

Today, house music is as popular as ever. Swedish progressive house DJs like Axwell and Avicii have global appeal, and electro house artists like Laidback Luke and Hardwell have established a darker take on the sound. Deep house music has also amassed a huge following, with EDM fans tiring of dubstep’s aggressive style and searching for something more hypnotic.

House charts and Top 40 also seem increasingly blurred, with artists like Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas melding progressive house and pop. However, the underground scenes are just as strong, with house music artists emerging from far-flung locales like Vancouver, Sydney, and Johannesburg. Here is the global DJ List for house music.

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