Location: Bombay, India India
Genre: Minimal, Techno
Labels: Hacienda Records, Soundstorm


Language: English

Freebass is the Tech/Progressive project of Rohan Yellore, from Bombay, India. Drawn to electronic music & percussion from his teens, he started as a DJ at parties & playing drums for a band in high school.

In 2005 Rohan moved up to playing at clubs in his hometown & soon got a residency at “b.e.d”, one of the most popular clubs in the city at the time. At b.e.d he opened for several international artists & started getting into into production.

For the last couple of years Rohan has been working at his own studio on his original production & remixes for two projects, FreeBass & Electronic Maddness.

Apart from his solo projects, He also collaborates with “Maharana” as a Tech/Progressive live act.

His tracks have already been released internationally by Incense Records & Squad Music, Spain.

Two of the tracks on his first EP went on to become the top selling tracks from the label on Beatport. (Feb ’11 – Mar ’11)

He is also signed as one of the artists on the new Tech/Progressive label Sound Storm Records from Israel. His first release with the label “ShortCuts” is out now on Beatport.



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