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“In 2007 ,FORMBAR” alias Manuel Hammer began his music career in the Rhein-Main-corridor where he was born and raised; the same area where the term " TECHNO " was born.

It was in his grandparent´s attic where he staged his first small raves.

Once competent in all aspects of sound design, he was asked to perform in well established clubs throughout the Rhein-Main area such as HotelDigital(super8,kbar)and U60311 FFM.

“His Sound is influenced by the Stammheim Dj´s (PIERRE,BINE,MARKY;NORMAN) and can be described as driving, straightforward but also playful , a combination which puts a story-telling effect on his sets.”


2009- 180grad minimal Night Ride (Aschaffenburg)                    

2010- ekult chronisch elektronisch.  (Aschaffenburg)                   

2011- Hotel Forelle(k-bar) we are  Family   (Alzenau)                    2011- Liquid ClubAcoustic(HANAU)               

2011- Hotel Forelle (k-Bar ) LFP warmup(ALzenau)             2011-Liquid Club  GEräuchkulisse (Hanau)

2012 – u60311 Frankfurt. Electroidvision ….

2012 – u60311 Frankfurt TANZTRIEB…….

2013 – little boxes labelnight (get loud)

2013 – open air KINZIGRAVE (get loud)

2014- open air FULLMOON

2015 construktED disaster (Wächtersbach)

2017 open air one day in may (Traumland)

soundcloud : soundcloud.com/formbar




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