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Dru West was born in Milwaukee, WI and currently resides in New York City. This DJ/Producer has played in clubs and underground parties all across the US. In such cities as Madison WI, Milwaukee, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, LA, Dallas, South Padre Island TX, San Francisco, Phoenix, and New York City. West has been in the club scene for nearly 15 years, but it wasn’t always a successful journey. In college, West played top-40 music in the only club in La Crosse, WI and was a Top 40 Radio DJ. After attending his first rave in Chicago, Dru started performing in underground raves throughout the Midwest. In 1999 West moved to San Diego and this is when his career began to take off as a club DJ. West was a DJ/Promoter for the infamous Club Velvet, that drew 3,000 plus clubbers every Saturday night. When West moved to San Francisco in 2003, his career went to a new level, putting on events in various clubs under his E-Clipse Productions Company. Dru worked in famous clubs like 1015 Folsom, Fuse, Club 6, Mighty, and an assortment of other popular Bay Area clubs and underground parties. West’s mix CD “Runway Journey”, was released in the Summer of 2006 and has been enjoyed by thousands of fans world wide. Recently Dru has taken a more behind the scenes approach to things and has been busy in the studio working on some new material. His latest material can be found on radio commercials, network TV stations, and Independent Films. You can also catch his bi-weekly radio show and podcast “E-Music”

West will release his first artist CD in the Summer of 2010 called E-lec-tron-ic.



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Dru West