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DJ Darkface aka Oski Jiménez started Djing when he was 17 years old. It just happend because he and some friends went to a rave in 1997 called Evolution. Thats whe he felt in love with electronic music. He saw DJs like Quicksilver, Taucher, Gary D, Brooklyn Bounce and many others spinning this banging tunes. He wanted to do the same! He got a pair of turntables and a mixer.

His first gig was at his home town where he and some friends organised their own event with some other DJs. He played in several clubs and events after he competed in DJ Contests. His biggest event so far was Goliath and Street Parade.

In 2006 he took break from DJing because of relocation.

But music defines all he does. In 2009 he mad his comeback at a small club in Philadelphia. That’s were he started to develop his music style. Meeting with other talented musicians and djs like Steve Duda and Tom Colontonio were a good experience. When he returned to Switzerland in 2011 he started to remix and work more and more on his own productions. His gig at the city festival in Bulach Switzerland is unforgettable. First time in his dj career he felt the love of the people for the work behind the booth.

Knowbody knows yet which way of music he is going to follow. But it is sure that it’s going to be a way of good quality music with much love and passion for the listeners and music lovers.



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