Location: Izmir, Turkey Turkey
Genre: Electronica, Trance


Language: English

(Mother side) of Turkish origin Productor Croatia Can Ates Prodücer Life 2003 & DJ career began in 2008. In general, working with DJ Mars bytes Can Ates was born in Izmir in a short time has succeeded in his music and remixes announced name. . With 10 years of age since the Can Ates 11 Years Old Very Trance music Affinity Programs Prodücer Life Productions has started collecting. Can Ates not do good Can not generate sounds with the thinking of the first few years in December for a while, Yielded High School Years Trance Productions Carter Catches Fire in the Big Exit 2009 – 2010 DJboox Concept Music Genre: Trance Europe Section 6 Magic Touch Named League has succeeded with Sound. We have loving friends and sharing with the idea has Sound’s Trance Izmir and Turkey is listed among the Best Trance Producer. Usually Ozan Torun (kaJJU)

Exchanging ideas with the company that changed the organization and Citizens Can Ates. Can Ates on Main until 5 in 2010 with the Convention on the Termination of Organisation MegaEnergy2010 Can Ates all rights now and manager (Baris Küçükçiftçi) (NİGHT35 ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT TEAM) is assuming

Music Style: Trance – Tribal House – Commercial – Minimal House

Dutch House – Dirty House – Tech House

..:: DJ & Artists performing:: ..

DJ David Saboy

DJ Ece Toprak



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