Location: Buffalo, United States United States
Genre: House


Language: English

Brandon Michael Chase was born July 28th 1975. He started shaking his ass at the rightful age of 1. Starting diapers with the likes of the Cars, Patrice Rushin, The Gap Band, Rick James just to name a few was alone a righteous experience. Being in the right place at the right time has been the story of Brandon’s musical and personal life! Brandon’s pre-pubescent years were the 80’s, being introduced to Fab 5 Freddy, Downtown Julie Brown, & Ed Lova was just the start of his musical expedition. The 80’s and early nineties era of rap and freestyle is where he gets his roots. Brandon was introduced to the electronic music scene in the mid nineties and moved to Toronto, Ontario in late 95. He started throwing his own parties to DJ at and made some serious connections while doing it. Those connections got him gigs at WEMF festival(by fluke on main stage) tagging w/ Disco D and Greg Stoner, Toronto CNE, Luxor, Comfort Zone, and many, many, more. Brandon finished his experience in Toronto in late 99 and moved back to his hometown Buffalo NY, where he would soon meet the love of his life (Cherie). Cherie and Brandon proceeded to NYC for a brief stint in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He worked PT for just about a year at Satellite Records on Bowery. Even though he was making his way through the madness playing all around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey the devastating day of 9/11 could not deter him from getting the hell out of dodge! Brandon is now married to wife, Cherie with son, Kyan, and daughter on the way. Brandon & Cherie own one of the hippest places to eat, drink, shop, or chill in Buffalo. Brandon is working hard making mixed compilations for entertainment in his restaurant/lounge along with making music in his studio (Chase Lounge). You can catch him every 1st Friday spinning funky down tempo and every third Saturday playing deep funky house @ Off The Wall, 534 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY

Equipment-2 tech 12’s, vestax mixer, kaos2 pad, dr.sample, laptop, ableton, reason, wavelab, radium 49e, tascam external audio interface.



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