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Listen To Dj BadAssJoey The Best Sophisticated, Eclectic, Groundbreaking, International Latin, Romanian & K-Pop Dance Music Dj In America.

“I make it a point to really know my sh*t about all styles of dance music better than anyone else, it’s the educational foundation for Djing. It’s evident and shows when your talking to some one who’s educated in there trade, I think my eclectic style and mixes should reinforce that point loud and clear, Dj BadAssJoey”.

New Latin & Romanian Dj BadAssJoey & Only Music Hits Tv Mix 2017 posted on Soundloud 3/13/2017.

Specialized In Sophisticated International Latin, Romanian, Eastern European, K-Pop & Eclectic Metal to Dubstep Sets of Dance Music From All Over The World for the Sophisticated World Traveler Types. Collecting Dance Music since age of 8, Djing since age of 16. “I’ve taken my life long Love, Passion, Knowledge of Dance Music Culture International”, through my Djing, Music Production & Remixing".

I’ve created Arizona’s groundbreaking first K-Pop & International Dance Music Club Nights (Romanian, Russian, Latin, Italian, French Dance Music) In Arizona, I’m also known for My Eclectic Metal to Dubstep Mixes with Hard Edge & Style.

“See what over 20 years of “Living, Eating, Breathing, Sleeping Dance Music Culture looks and Sounds Like”.

When Booking Dj BadAssJoey, specify If you want the 1. The Sopisticated Latin & Romanian International Dance Music Dj, 2. The K-Pop Dj, 3.The International Dance Music Dj 4. The Metal to Dubstep Dj 5. Best Of All The Eclectic Dj BadAssJoey Mixing It All Up, No Boundary Dj Sets.

Current Upscale Club Night featuring Dj BadAssJoey’s K-Pop Club Night at Paris Of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona for K-Pop Fans around the World.



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