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Arctic Quest, aka Emiel ten Hoor escaped his mother’s womb in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and still is based in the capital of emotional electronic music (EEM) as producer, artist, dj and creator. Playing piano since the age of 9, his musical interest and talents were obvious from the start. By mainly playing jazz, rhythm and blues a solid base was formed for his bright future.

A long time influencer of the crème de la crème in international dance music.

The introduction of personal computers early 90s, wakened his electronic interests and he changed the piano for software like Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker, Cubase, Logic and now FL Studio.

Not afraid to experiment with unexpected sounds in his music, like beer bottle pops, cocktail blenders and the human voice in unusual ways, Emiel is especially known for his signature sound: plurring cats.

He lives by two extremely important principles:

“Keep It Complicated, yet Kind of Stupid” [KICKS] and

“Produce Roaring, Epic and Super Eargasmic Tunes” [PRESETS].

He’s known as the “slice that damn loop” man, the inventor of the single break trance track since according to Emiel “most people do not party to stand at stop and if you don’t believe me, ask The Chemical Brothers.

Emiel hates cream cake, especially when served by DJ’s, and even more everything being boxed and labeled on the internet these days. Unless the label says “Cola Rum” or “This side up: Emotional electronic music inside”.

His captivating, energetic and grooving live performances take his fans on outer space trips, creating an unparalleled atmosphere which results in a yin yang connection with the crowd.

During 1999, Arctic Quest moved to Amsterdam. His first release was born, Relic vs E-Craig – Feels like Runnin. It reached pole position in dance charts all over Europe, was Dance Smash on the biggest Dutch radio station at the time, Radio 538, and entered the Dutch Top 100.

The attendance of Innercity that same year, with Ferry Corsten and Tiesto causing major damage to the musical landscape, only increased his desire to share his passion and enthusiasm for the groove with people all over the world.

Seeking for and slowly developing true quality sound, he’s on a never ending journey! That exact quest for perfection forms the fertile ground for his joy in producing and the total unleashing of energy during his dj sets.

Today, having released several tracks and playing all over the globe, his expedition continues by seeking for new milestones each and every second.

Arctic Quest now runs the Expedition Music, Mystica Records and DanceGrooves labels, hosts his own “Arctic Quest presents #EEM” events to showcase talent and is boiling with new ideas, concepts and projects. With millions of overall plays of his repertoire, many cue burned classic vinyl releases, impeccable genre-crossing bootlegs, mashups and anthems, this guy is on an inextinguishable fire.



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