The DJ List - 04 November 2014

What an interesting collaboration we have here: Bream, whose music is constantly being picked up by A...

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Ron Carroll, a Chicago based singer, songwriter, producer/remixer, and well respected DJ, is known primarily on the global music circuit. Ron has worked with many of the worldâ...

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Let Life Shine
Get the Hoe (feat. Shawna & Syleena Johnson)
Summer All Over
Dirty Dub, Vol. 5 (EP)
Dirty Dub, Vol. 4
Ron Carroll & Tony Romera - So High Feat. Paschan
Dirty Dub, Vol. 3 (EP)
Dirty Dub, Vol. 2
Dat Ass (feat. Kima'chelle)
Let's Go / Let's Rock
Ron Carroll