Dance Mania Reissues Classic Tracks by Marshall Jefferson, Paul Johnson and Parris Mitchell


Magnetic Magazine - 25 January 2016

With vinyl's resurgence solidified, many timeless classics are finding their way back on wax in order...

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Kickstarter Marshall Jefferson | Freakin909 - Sleezy D


Kickstarter Marshall Jefferson | Freakin909 - Sleezy D



There are a handful of men who have the title of “Godfather” of House. While many have legitimate claims to the title because of seniority and being there at the beginning, ...

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The House Music Anthem (Remastered)
Mind & Soul
Lost in the Groove (Remastered)
Lowdown / Give Me A Kick
Party People (Unreleased Mixes)
Move Your Body
Do The Do
Move Your Body - Mike Ink Remix
Move Your Body - The House Music Anthem
69% 2009 Mixes, Pt. 1

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Marshall Jefferson