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You love DJs, right? Give a DJ some love by promoting their mixes on The DJ List! Consider this a bit of promotional bling to show your appreciation for the DJs you're a fan of. Here's how...

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Promoting your mixes on The DJ List is a great way to share your sound and expand your fan base. Here's how you do it...


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Here are a few of the most recent mixes on The DJ List. Are you interested in promoting any of these? If not, find mixes by the DJs you love and support them!

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HASENCHAT [Soundcloud] Norbert Reinwand - Taylor Promote this Mix
MARIO OCHOA [Soundcloud] Cristal Waters - 100% Pure love (Mario Ochoa Remix) FREE DOWLOAD! Promote this Mix
HASENCHAT [Soundcloud] Norbert Reinwand - Doreen Promote this Mix
ISABELA CLERC [Soundcloud] Oasis Promote this Mix

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